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The content of this site is registered under Forexed Inc, trading and conducting business as Forexed. Registered in Ontario, Canada (Registered as Ontario corp 2699394). All works and materials published by Forexed are not permitted to be copied or reuploaded without the owner’s express written permission.


Forexed Inc provides signals that are to be treated as general recommendations that are only to be executed when and if the client is satisfied that they are likely to be successful by entering the trade, on a trade by trade basis. Forexed takes no legal responsibility for any and all, realized and non-realized losses that may be incurred by a client. It is up to each individual client to manage their trading accounts responsibly, through using mechanisms that are in place for limiting and preventing losses.

It is up to the client to know and understand the inherent risks that are involved with trading currencies and commodities. It is up to the client to determine whether they accept the signals provided by Forexed using their own knowledge of the foreign exchange and commodities markets. It is up to each client to determine which brokers and platforms they wish to use. Forexed takes no responsibility for fees, costs, or any other expenses associated with any brokers chosen by the client. Forexed may recommend brokers if asked, however this is to be treated solely as a general recommendation and followed only with a knowledgeable and researched understanding.


It is up to each individual client to know and understand the risks associated with trading. Although trading can be rewarding there are inherent risks that must be understood and thoroughly researched by each individual client. Forexed does not and will not take legal responsibility for any and all losses incurred by clients either from their own trading or from following signals provided by Forexed. Forexed can not and will not guarantee the profitability of any signals provided, there will always be a potential of a failed signal no matter how accurate.


You agree to, by signing up with Forexed Inc, to not hold Forexed Inc, or any affiliates, directors, or employees legally liable for any loss, realized, non-realized or otherwise.

All materials that are published by Forexed Inc, are to be treated solely as recommendations and scrutinized as such by each individual client. The client agrees not to hold Forexed liable for any losses, damages, fees or costs including losses, damages, fees, and costs that stem from potential negligence on the part of Forexed.


  • send the client written warnings;
  • temporarily or permanently suspend client access to our free or paid telegram channel;
  • block computers using the client's IP address from accessing our telegram; and
  • commence legal action against the client, whether for breach of contract or otherwise;

A client may at anytime provide a written statement to request the lifting of a ban to regain access to the telegram channel. Upon such requests Forexed will review and allow the return of access where appropriate. However, Forexed retains the right to refuse service to any and all clients for any reason, with reasonable notice.


Forexed retains the right to refuse any refunds for any reason. Any client that is unsatisfied with the service or signals provided may apply for a refund which will be reviewed by forexed and issued in part or in full as appropriate on a case by case basis.

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